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February 15, 2016 -- A 19-year-old girl was found executed this month after she went missing from her South Carolina home. 

The unarmed Autumn Rayne Hunt died from a gunshot wound to the head, reports say. Her vehicle was torched.

Chinara Jeter, 20, confessed to the crime.

The national media are ignoring this story and hundreds of other brutal black-on-white murders. You may access the hidden stories here ►

• Imagine the media firestorm had a white male executed a black girl. 

That, of course, only happens in the imaginations of left-wing historians who spin convincing but false tales of white people brutally attacking innocent blacks; the revisionists seldom cite documentation such as court records or news reports, claiming those were obscured by racist juries and racist newspapers. 

• While hundreds of innocent people are being brutally attacked, robbed, and murdered by urban savages, we've allowed ourselves to be duped into believing that we, somehow, are guilty of white privilege, micro-aggressions, and other nonsensical, non-existent offenses concocted in the minds of cultural Marxists. 

Spartanburg County Deputies have charged Akello Chinara Jeter with murder in the shooting death of Autumn Hunt after they say he confessed.

Investigators say that 20-year-old Jeter confessed to being involved in the murder and was able to provide details that only the murderer would have known and the location of additional evidence.

19-year-old Autumn Rayne Hunt went missing on February 3rd, leaving her home on the East side of Spartanburg. The coroner says Hunt died from a gunshot wound to the head. Deputies say they found Hunt’s vehicle burned behind the abandoned Bi-Lo on Reidville Rd. on Feb. 8. Her body was found the evening of February 11.

Jeter is also possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Deputies say that Alfred Caldwell, who was arrested alongside Jeter for armed robbery has been completely cleared of any involvement in the murder.

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  1. who pays attention to the talmudvision you're the news kenn.

  2. reversed it would be worldwide for 5 years at least.bless that poor girls soul.

  3. Don't say "executed" when the correct word is murdered. To say executed means that the killing was done with the sanction of a sovereign authority.

  4. How did that White human female come into contact with that Negroid savage in the first place?

  5. This is a family member. She was there to help him out. They were acquainted even friends. Apparently he tried to rape her but she fought him like a beast. She won the fight but lost the battle. I don't care if he was black, white or purple with green spots... he took a shining jewel from this world that had a heart for everyone! And btw she wasn't just white. She was also Native. An American! She was in the Army Reserves. She knew how to fight of an attack. But not with a gunshot to the head while she was unarmed. I hope someone said a few words for her on Memorial Day because the fighting for all that is American starts at home.