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February 18, 2016 -- Former British prime minister Tony Blair is calling for the United Kingdom to surrender to Brussels and its globalist agenda. 

Blair's pitch was bizarre: The most effective path for protecting Britain from Islam is to embrace the European Union. 

Essentially Blair warned that Britain was too frail to stand on its own two feet. His comments came as Britons wishing to leave the EU outnumbered those loyal to globalism by about six percent.


He said: "There are ways in which more integration would be advantageous, from security to energy, others in which our differences should be celebrated. 

"Europe must be integrated to protect its interests and values. Other countries in Latin America and Asia work together to have more influence. 

"From the economy to security only by standing together can we defend ourselves." 

The ex Prime-Minister, who was only prevented from introducing the euro to Britain by the intervention of then Chancellor Gordon Brown, has been a staunch advocate for the EU project in recent years as he eyes up a plum job on the Brussels gravy train.

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