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February 28, 2016 -- A police shooting in Utah prompted rioting. 

Reports say rocks and glass were being thrown in Salt Lake City. The rioters were expressing anger after a young black male "child" took a bullet from a city police officer. 

The "child" is allegedly 16-year-old Selam Mohammed.

Black Americans have an average IQ around 85 and often display the emotions of spoiled juveniles. reported 

A teenager was shot four times by police at about 8 p.m. Friday, in the Rio Grande District of Salt Lake City, Utah, according to a report from Fox 13, and riots have broken out in response. 

Feb 28, 2016 11:18 PM

While details are still sketchy, it is alleged that police were responding to an unrelated incident when they received reports of a fight between a teenager and an older man. The teenager was wielding a broomstick. According to one witness, Selam Mohammed, the police ordered the teenager to drop the broomstick, but shot him before he could comply with the order.
From that described the stone-throwing riot as a "protest":
Nearly 100 officers — some in riot gear — were involved in the multiagency response, KSL reported.

In audio published by the online archive service Broadcastify, a male officer is heard requesting "a bunch of units" come "quickly" to help push back the crowd.

"Let's get them off this street... and get medical in here," a voice says.

An officer warns "be advised, they are throwing bigger rocks" and later "we need more units... there is glass and other items being thrown."

There were preliminary reports that officers were injured by thrown objects but Wilkeng said he could not confirm that information.

"It is still quite volatile here," Wilkeng told a news conference.

He said witnesses have been brought to police headquarters to give statements and urged members of the public with cellphone video of the incident to come forward.

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