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February 4, 2016 -- Imagine Belgium without Muslims. 

While pseudo-feminists throughout the Western world are sticking to their story that privileged white males are the root of all evil, a mayor in Ostend, Beglium is a bit more pragmatic. 

He says the Muslim male's view of women is "problematic."

The understatement came after Islamic thug was arrested for participating in a gang rape. He offered this defense: "Women should obey men."

The arrest came after a professor at the Technical Institute of Ostend pointed authorities to person-of-not-quite-European-color dressed in military-style clothing and toting a machine gun; a sight unseen in Belgium prior to the Islamic invasion, er, uh, "refugee crisis."

Upon investigation authorities discovered the Muslim's cell phone included a "sleazy" video featuring six other boys abusing an unconscious 17-year-old girl. According to Het Laaste News, the group of Muslims danced and sang in Arabic as they raped the young girl. 

The victim's last memory prior to the rape was attending a music festival and drinking with friends. Apparently she was carried off by her Islamic attackers. 

Two of the attackers were residents in Belgium. The other five were newcomers from Iraq. One was as young as 14; the oldest was 25. The oldest denied participating in the rape. The others admitted to raping the unconscious 17-year-old. 

And that's just one rape of which we are aware. How many other occur daily?

The gang admitted that such rapes were common in their native countries. 

Imagine Belgium without Muslims. 

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  1. They're animals, and should be treated as such! (Not to denigrate animals)

  2. the white woman and the mud races are the root of all evil on the earth.