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February 15, 2016 -- What could possibly be the most racist offense white people could commit against blacks?

Some may say lynching, even though one-third of lynching victims were white and nearly all of them committed vile crimes. 

Some may say segregation; giving blacks equal-but-separate safe spaces during the Jim Crow era at white taxpayer expense certainly caused blacks to suffer beyond comprehension. 

Saying the notorious n word (Nazi) would be high on the scale. 

Micro-aggression is eclipsing slavery as a crucible of highly offensive white-vs-black racism.

As harmful and damaging as the above are, nothing compares to hanging an image on a wall depicting a black guy eating fried chicken. Pardon me while I catch my breath. 

A cafĂ© in Australia did just that. And for the offense, the wrath of leftistdom rained down upon them. 

Fried and Tasty in Melbourne had the audacity to cover its wall with a mural that depicts black rapster Biggie Smalls holding a fried chicken. Smalls, you will recall, is dead. 

Such hate speech has no place in America. Never mind the offense occurred in Australia. Reinforcing stereotypes reprehensible, unless they are imposed upon white people. 

Come to think of it; last time I visited KFC their walls were covered with hate-filled racist stereotypes of black folks enjoying the Colonel's fried chicken. 

It seems the regressive left's race card has maxed out. 

A restaurant has come under fire after a diner spotted what he believed to be an offensive artwork amid vintage wallpapers perpetuating racial stereotypes about African-Americans.

Comedian Aamer Rahman posted photographs of the controversial interior displayed inside Melbourne eatery Fried and Tasty (F.A.T) on his Facebook page, including a mural of US slain rapper Biggie Smalls (B.I.G) holding a fried chicken drumstick in his hand.

The Brunswick East cafe - known for its old school southern style fried chicken, buttermilk waffles, burgers and beers  - also features a white family armed with guns and a vintage - American pancake syrup brand - Aunt Jemima advertisement.

A restaurant has been accused of racism after a diner spotted an offensive mural of US slain rapper Biggie Smalls (B.I.G) holding a fried chicken drumstick in his hand (pictured)

'Today in gentrification: Melbourne hipsters pay tribute to a dead black artist by opening a Biggie Smalls themed fried chicken restaurant, "The Notorious F.A.T",' Rahman wrote in the post.

'...Complete with photoshopped mural of Biggie holding a fried chicken drumstick, Aunt Jemima wallpaper, and pictures of white families with guns. You cannot make this stuff up.' 

However, Fried and Tasty co-owner Jonathon Ionnou has defended the posters against critics, saying the artworks have 'nothing to do with racial stereotypes' in an apology on Facebook.

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