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February 9, 2016 -- An urban savage was arrested after allegedly murdering a liquor store employee.

Police say James Spaulding entered Stop ‘N Go Liquor in Louisville and fatally shot Denny Davis and injured another person.

The man police say shot and killed a Louisville liquor store employee, then terrorized a neighborhood and led officers on a chase, faced a judge for the first time on Friday morning.

The deadly crime happened on Thursday at Stop ‘N Go Liquor on Warnock Avenue.

The suspect, James Spaulding, was arraigned on a list of charges including complicity to murder, attempted murder and wanton endangerment. He is being held at Metro Corrections on $250,000 dollar cash bond.

Police say Spaulding entered Stop 'N Go Liquor on Warnock Street early Thursday morning.

The arrest report says he had a handgun, shot and killed store clerk Denny Davis, while injuring another person. Spaulding then walked down the street and fired into a house nearby, while people sleep inside. The bullet missed a teen by feet.

LMPD officers eventually arrested Spaulding on I-65 after a chase.

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