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February 14, 2016 -- The Jungle is a squatter camp where thousands of Muslims insurgent live, await the opportunity to sneak across the English Channel into Britain. 

The residents — mostly young males from various Islamic countries — routinely terrorize the citizens of Calais, France. 

Some Frenchmen are apparently fighting back. 

True to form, the regressive left pretends the Islamic insurgents are victims of xenophobia; ignoring the terror the insurgents have inflicted upon the surrounding community. 

From we read: 

ARMED militia are launching nightly raids on migrants in the Calais Jungle camp as fears deepen that the refugee crisis is fuelling an anti-Muslim movement across Europe.

The attackers, sometimes masked and armed with clubs, brass knuckles, pepper spray and knives, target migrants during the night, according to accounts from refugees and charity groups. 

Migrants claim they have been the targets of escalating raids by organised gangs - sometimes dressed in uniforms - in the past few weeks. 

Children as young as 10-years-old have been attacked, according to local reports, which come amid growing calls to raze the notorious camp to the ground. 

Desperate migrants have also accused local French police of failing to protect them from violence and even carrying out their own assaults as racial tensions in the embattled port town reach boiling point. 

In recent days police have arrested seven men armed with iron bars and extendable batons for a suspected attack on five Iraqi Kurds at Loon-Plage, a port town between Calais and Dunkirk.

The men, some of whom said they sympathised with far-right movements in Calais, faced charges of forming a group to commit violence, sad Dunkirk prosecutor Eric Foulard. 

Mr Foulard said: "The ideas they peddle are that there are too many migrants in France.”

Meanwhile Marianne Humbersot, the head of refugee charity Appel Calais, said she was filing a dozen complaints on behalf of migrants - five for violence by militia and eight at the hands of the police.

Ms Humbersot said: "I have a 13-year-old who had his foot broken. And 10 days before being attacked by police, he had his nose broken by racists.”

The charity leader said her organisation had “50 witness accounts of violence” committed by “police and citizens in militia groups”. 

Ms Humbersot added: “We are talking about injuries that are life-threatening. Not just bruises but also stabbing, strangling and beating with metal sticks. 

“These attacks are against men, women and children.“

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  1. Leaders around the world are finding out how little respect they have from the people extorted to pay their salaries, healthcare and pension. I expect many of them to step down in the near future.