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February 23, 2016 -- 'That child's head was "slammed" more than once on a surface.'

That's the summation of the death of an eight-month-old boy. 

The regressive left pretends to be anti-racist. In reality the left is selective in its anti-racist stance, caring only for those occasions when it can leverage tragedy to advance the cultural Marxism agenda. 

That trajectory nearly always ignores black-on-black violence, except when leveraging tragedies to attack the Second Amendment. Likewise the media ignores the holocaust of black babies slaughtered in abortion 'clinics' as if those lives didn't matter. 

The media is also remiss in reporting black-on-white crime, even when the victim is an eight-month-old boy.

Imagine the media firestorm were the races reversed. 

Black-on-white attacks on victims under 18-years-old are epidemic. To read more such stories, click here ►

From near Columa Township, Mich. we read: 

In less than two hours, police said a 30-year-old Berrien County man, exerted such traumatic force against 8-month-old Carter Donovan, that he died as a result of his injuries.

Brandon Beshires, of Benton Harbor, was charged with murder, felony murder and child abuse on Monday afternoon; after Coloma Township Police said a "single event" of abuse inside a Coloma restaurant resulted in the boy's death.

Beshires was supposed to be looking after the child, who was not his biological son, while Carter's mother, Autumn Atchley was at an appointment in Coloma, according to court documents.

But instead, the child sustained fractures to his skull, severe bruising and abrasions to his face, according to medical examiner records.

Atchley told police that Beshire was "the only person left alone with Carter...and no one else."

"I hope he gets what he deserves," said Lilah, a family friend of Carter Donovan's. "That little baby, 8 months old...he was taken away from all of us and it's wrong."


Sometime around 11AM on Friday, Atchley returned to the car where Beshires and Carter were sleeping, she told police. It had been an hour and 15 minutes. 

She said she woke her boyfriend up and they drove to Family Dollar shortly after that.

Outside that store, according to court documents, Atchley told police she ran into a friend who she only identified as "Ashley;" Ashley asked Atchley to buy her a sandwich from a nearby Subway.

In her statement to police, Atchley told police she went inside Subway with Ashley for about 15 minutes, while Beshire and her son were in the car. Afterwards, they stopped at a nearby gas station.

There, she noticed Carter was "cold and not breathing."

Atchley told police she and Beshires drove to Lakeland Regional, where health professionals pronounced him dead.

Nurses at the hospital said it appeared as though the cause of death was child abuse, but an autopsy report told a vivid account of the abuse that Carter endured.

Donovan had an open fracture to his skull, severe body bruising, and an abrasion to his chin according to a medical examiner's report.

In fact, injuries were so severe the medical examiner said "it looked more like a crushing injury," that the child's head was "slammed" more than once on a surface.
"Cases involving children are always the most traumatic even for law enforcement," said Coloma Township Police Chief Jason Roe. "I can tell you in my 15 years, this is the most traumatic case I've seen of any kind."

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