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February 20, 2016 -- A birthday party turned into a massive brawl in Perth, Australia. 

“There was a big mob of Africans and a big mob of Aboriginals. They all started coming out of the party — hundreds of them — and it turned into this big brawl,” the resident said.

Police say a 17-year-old (photo) was beaten and kicked for 20 minutes during the brawl and is currently in critical care. 

About 300 Africans and aboriginals participated in the brawl.

A TEENAGER whose family moved to Perth to escape violence in Sudan is fighting for his life in hospital after he was attacked during a wild brawl sparked by gatecrashers at a 16th birthday party.

Residents said Hainsworth Ave in Girrawheen became a “war zone” as a mob of up to 300 young people clashed after a house party about 11.20pm on Friday.

Some were armed with poles and baseball bats and at one point a car was driven into a group of revellers.

Police, including the dog squad and reg­ional operations group officers, arrived to find 17-year-old Ballajura Community College student Kuol Akut unconscious with severe head injuries from a savage beating.

Witnesses reportedly said Kuol was crawling on all fours in an attempt to escape his attackers, but the group kept beating him for at least 20 minutes.

He is in a critical condition on life support in Royal Perth Hospital with his father James Akut and uncle Bol Mayen by his bedside.

The teenager’s sister Achol Akut, 19, said the family moved to Perth from war-torn Sudan 13 years ago to start a better life. Kuol planned to study engineering after high school.

Ms Akut said the family had no idea how the brawl unfolded and she begged anyone with information on the attack to contact police.

“We don’t know what happened. He just went out and didn’t come home,” she said.

Local resident Kyrah Jade described scenes of “chaos”, while Brayden Borger said he not­iced many “underage kids with alcohol”.

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said a 16-year-old’s birthday was advertised on Facebook.

“There was a big mob of Africans and a big mob of Aboriginals. They all started coming out of the party — hundreds of them — and it turned into this big brawl,” the resident said.
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