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February 25, 2016 -- There have been 567 slashing attacks in New York City so far this year. Most attacks were committed in the city's subway system. 

Virtually all the reported attacks were committed by blacks and the victims have been white, with no known exceptions. 

Nonetheless, the media are quoting authorities as claiming the slashing attacks are random and there is no pattern. 

To place that in perspective: Imagine a spate of 567 white-on-black slashing attacks and the subsequent media firestorm that would ensue. 

Twelve people have died so far this year due to the attacks. There are about ten such attacks per day. 

Meanwhile, privileged white liberals continue to hide out in suburban enclaves where they pretend to be outraged at white intolerance as black college students gripe about microaggressions and white privilege. 

The frightening wave of slashing attacks terrorizing New York since the year began has gripped both hardened city folks and tourists with fear and left experts searching for an explanation.

Through Sunday, the NYPD had recorded 567 slashing attacks, some 20 percent above the pace set in early 2015. Police and criminologists have identified no single pattern for the slashings, which have plagued the city’s subway system as well as both trendy and tough neighborhoods.

“New York has been shocked by a spate of stabbings and slashings in the subway system,” the Manhattan Institute noted in a new report. “After two decades of lower crime, New Yorkers have gotten used to safe subways, but riders are now being warned to exercise a level of caution that harks back to an earlier era.”

Twelve people have died in stabbings or slashings in the nation's largest city to date in 2016, but most of the slashings have been random attacks that have left victims with facial cuts.

Late Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, police said three slashing attacks happened around the city. A homeless man was arrested in a Brooklyn attack that caused minor injuries to a victim, while an unsolved attack in the Bronx left a man with cuts to the face, police said.

Some of the attacks have been accompanied by racial epithets, including ones allegedly committed by career criminal Kari Bazemore. He was arrested after allegedly slashing a woman on her way to work at Whole Foods and has since been linked to several prior attacks dating back to September.

NYPD Commissioner William Bratton has downplayed the attacks, maintaining the city is “safer than ever.” While that claim is borne out by some figures, the puzzling rise in slashing attacks – now averaging roughly 10 per day, defies explanation.

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  1. groids are clearly the no 1 threat. from that fraud in the WH to the street ones. and include any white that enables them.

    1. No, "groids" are not the threat. If we stopped subsidizing their breeding they would quickly kill each other off. The real threat is the people who are just using blacks as their shock troops. The Whites who have betrayed you are behind the curtain. They are the true enemy.