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February 5, 2016 -- Dazie Williams doesn't blame Niki for her son's death. She does say, however, that the manufacturer of Air Jordans needs to do something to defer future tragedies.

See video below.

Her son, Joshua Woods, was 22 years old when he was murdered for his Air Jordans. The crime occurred two years ago and the murder trial began earlier this week. 

That begs the question: Who is to blame for Joshua Woods' murder?

The obvious answer is the trigger man, alleged to be Neal Bland who is standing trial. 

There are others to blame. 

Second, we should consider the complicity of black activists in authority positions such as judges and politicians. 

In my opinion judges who give black criminals a pass while punishing law enforcement officers encourage violent crime. Police become reticent to arrest black criminals, fearing a loss of employment or, in the case of William Melendez, imprisonment. 

A Louisville judge released a black female convicted of beating and robbing an 82-year-old woman after six months of her 20-year sentence. The black judge excused his action, noting it was the convict's first conviction. The message to the black community: You may indulge in violent crime with impunity [source].

Another black Louisville judge rebuked the white victims of a home invasion by black savages. One of the black intruder's pointed a loaded gun at the couple's preschooler, leaving the little girl fearful of black males. The judge blamed the white couple for the child's reaction. The message to black criminals: Commit the crime; blame the victims. 

Third, we should note the complicity of social engineers who pretend the innate tendency to violence that is evident in the black community is cultural, not pathological. As men are genetically predisposed to commit violent crime at higher rate than women, black males are genetically predisposed to commit violent crime at a high rate than white men. The message to black criminals: Blame white privilege. 

Denying the genetic cause of the violent crime does nothing more than give black criminals a pass. The outcome is increased violence in black communities and pointless fatalities such as Joshua Woods. 

The crime occurred in Houston, Tex. in 2012. The trial began earlier this week. 

Testimony has begun in a downtown Houston courtroom for a suspect accused of killing another man for his Nike Air Jordans shoes in 2012.

Neal Bland will appear in court again Tuesday, charged with capital murder in the death of 22-year-old Joshua Woods.

Court records show two other suspects in the case are scheduled to go on trial later in February.

Investigators say Woods was gunned down for his shoes after he and a friend purchased them at the Willowbrook Mall on the launch date of the latest addition.

Woods drove off after being shot, trying to escape, but he crashed between two houses and hit a gas line.

The victim later died.

The shoes retailed for about $185.

Joshua's mom has since launched a campaign called "Life Over Fashion," which aims to pressure Nike to alter the way the costly sneakers are distributed.

"Just give the stores more quantity, and make it so that if I don't get them today I can get them tomorrow," Dazie Williams said in a 2013 interview with KHOU 11 News.

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  1. never blame they're genetically criminal behavior.

  2. I'm surprised she didn't say Niki should give all black yoofs the shoes free so they could all have a pair thus discouraging them from stealing them and causing tragedies like this.Like they wouldn't do it any way to get even more to sell.