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January 19, 2016 -- Model Kendall Jenner is white. She is taking heat from the predatory left because of her race. 

Jenner was chosen to model Mango's new Tribal Spirit collection. The clothing is inspired by the African Savannah. 

The regressive left evoked the term 'cultural appropriation' to complain about Kendall's whiteness. 'Cultural misappropriation' would be more accurate. 

The hypocrisy of the left is maddening. One moment they are griping about the lack of inclusion and advocating equal opportunity. Another moment they are demanding exclusion and segregation by race. The left says race is nothing more than a social construct, but when their narrative is disrupted, they flip. 

Fans of model Kendall Jenner were delighted when it was announced last week that she was lending her good looks to Mango's new Tribal Spirit collection - one of her first campaigns of 2016. But critics have taken to social media to question why a white model was chosen to represent a collection said to be inspired by the African Savannah, which will include a tribal print dress. The reality TV star-turned-supermodel is modelling the first of four trends to be showcased in advertising campaigns for Spring/Summer 2016, and the Spanish retailer said each would be represented by 'the face that best defines it'. —

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  1. Wonder what Kanye has to say? Don't they know that that family has sold out to the forces of darkness? The SJW are so self-destructive! They will eat their own young!

  2. Is this the Jenner who was dating an ugly 25 year Negro when she was 17, who 'raps'(brags) about deflowering her youthfulness. Who's most famous big assed sister got her fame from a miscegenation sex tape, who's own mother is now dating a negro 25 years her junior, who's other sister Negro husband was found coked out his eye balls in a whore house, yet was still not criticized in the slightest in the media.
    Then you have her 'father', the grotesque trans gender role model.
    Gees what does it take to be immune from progressive criticism these days?
    In one generation this whole family will be 75%+ black the way they're going. This criticism is probably coming from black groups themselves, who like with the Oscars, are the only group who think the world cares about their whines.

  3. who cares what a bunch of mudsharks and monkeys think anyways! they eat their own nothin new here. i can't turn on anything tv, computer without negroes.