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January 10, 2016 -- A wheelchair-bound woman made a soft target while shopping at Target for two urban savages. 

See video below.

The victim was attacked inside the store. Reports say she was punched in the stomach before the thieves made off with her belongings. 

Security video captured images of the two thugs; both appeared wearing Trayvon Martin-style hoodies. Apparently they dressed for the crime. 

Police were confident arrests would be made in this "isolated" incident. 

There were 2,101 isolated cases of violent assault in Atlanta last year, making it one of the ten most dangerous cities in the nation. That's 5.76 isolated incidents per day. 

Each year there are tens of thousands of similar isolated incidents across the nation. 

There were 93 murders in Atlanta in 2015. Atlanta authorities are proud to say the violent crime crime rate dropped by 3 percent, but declined to note that violent crime statistics drop when police are bullied by authorities to reduce the arrests of black offenders. 

• The crime was committed Jan. 7, 2016 in Atlanta where Jim Crow laws once prevented such attacks. Some say Jim Crow laws were an expression of white racism. Others contend that segregation was a practical policy designed to protect Americans from violent black crime.

• Atlanta was more racially segregated in 2010 than in 1960. 

In 1960 Atlanta was racially integrated. 53.83 percent of the residents were white and 48.79 percent were black. 

In 2010 41.53 percent of the residents were white and 67.13 percent were black.* 

The Civil Rights Law of 1964 was intended to force integration but, instead, caused segregation. 

In 1960 205,714 white residents lived in Atlanta and 186,464 black residents. The total black and white population that year was 382,178. 

In 2010 there were 161,116 white residents in the city and 226,894 black residents. The total black and white population that year was 388,010.

Other major cities in the deep South are more segregated today than in 1960, due primarily to so-called civil rights laws intended to end segregation. 

Atlanta self-segregate after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that was intended to end segregation.
*Figures exclude other races. 

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