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January 3, 2016 -- 17-year-old murder victim Caesar Medina was fatally shot by a black male who should have been in prison, authorities say.

25-year-old Jeremiah Smith was charged with first degree murder when a tattoo shop robbery "went wrong."

Smith was one of 3,200 inmate released due to a software glitch.

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Police later charged 25-year-old Jeremiah Smith with first degree murder. They say he entered the store to rob it and fired the shots that struck and killed Caesar.

Smith should have been in prison at the time of the murder.

However, he is one of an estimated 3,200 inmates that were released early over the past 13 years because of a software glitch that miscalculated inmate's release dates.

Department of Corrections officials have determined at least three of those inmates committed crimes when they should have been incarcerated.

That number is expected to grow, as officials have only reviewed records dating back to June. They have many more years – and thousands more releases – to review.

More than 30 offenders have been re-arrested.

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