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January 31, 2016 -- In 2013 FrontPageMag published a revealing story that the regressive left would prefer you not read. 

According to the story, The World Health Organization reported that one of three Somalis is insane. 

To underscore the extent of the problem, the article noted that "In Somalia there’s a belief that a mentally ill person can be cured by shutting them [sic] in a room with a hyena."

Meanwhile the regressive left continues to transport Somalis by the tens of thousands via jetliner over our porous borders. 

In this photo of Wednesday April 28, 2011,
chained mentally ill patients sit within
Ahlu Khayrmental health center in Mogaidshu,
Somalia. Somalia may be the worst place
on earth to have a mental illness.
A 20-year civil war has increased mental illness
numbers and simultaneously destroyed
any health care infrastructure.
Hundreds of Somalis are held in what a
World Health Organization report labeled
"poor and humiliating" conditions.
No quality mental health facilities exist,
and no government funding is available.
(AP Photo/Farah Abdi Warsameh)
— copied
Government agents assure us that the Somali Muslims are vetted with the radicals being excluded. While that contention is dubious, it still falls short of vetting migrants for severe mental disorders that can be both costly and deadly to Americans. 

The report says that mentally ill Somalis are tied to trees and abandoned; being left to die. [source]

In 2011 an AP story was headlined, 'Kept in chains: Mental illness rampant in Somalia.'

Here's the story:

This year [2011], WHO began giving medicine and other supplies to the Habeb mental hospital, the only facility that treats patients without detaining them.

"Our treatment is chain-free. We never restrain them," said Dr. Abdirahman Habeb. He says the facility has treated more than 9,000 psychiatric patients using a combination of medicine and counseling. Still, the majority of mentally ill people in Somalia face much grimmer prospects.

The Somali government, which is consumed by political infighting and battling an al-Qaida-linked insurgency, is unable to even assert control over all of Mogadishu much less help its traumatized population. It relies on 9,000 African Union peacekeepers to retain control of half the country's capital.

Dr. Rizwan Hamayun, who helped write a WHO study earlier this year examining mental health in Somalia, said the chaos has resulted in a loss of jobs, family, homes and property which in turns can contribute to mental illness. His latest new patient was a shepherd who attempted suicide after losing all his animals not to war but to a natural calamity - an ongoing drought.

While poverty and fear are the main triggers for mental illness, some also have been intimidated by continuous threats made by insurgents over mobile phones. Insurgents call and threaten people they suspect of collaborating with the government. As punishment for alleged crimes, insurgents saw off captives' hands and feet in public squares and stone people to death.

The insurgents accused Ibrahim Nuraddin of selling phone credit, bread, and other small items to Somali soldiers. The elderly former shopkeeper had a mental breakdown after receiving frequent death threats, relative Ibrahim Farabadn said.

Nuraddin had already spent one year imprisoned in his family's house or tied to a tree. Finally, relatives sought treatment after hearing that a Mogadishu clinic was taking patients. Three hefty men dragged Nuraddin into the clinic but he struggled to escape. They quickly chained him up. [source]

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