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January 7, 2016 -- A savage who had been jailed for 15 years committed a heinous rape and robbery in London last year. 

Reports say Blair Charles, 39, raped his 29-year-old victim twice as she walked home from a bus stop in the Lewisham area of East London, England. The victim was held at knifepoint. 

The mechanic demanded the victim's bank card and pin number before he forced her around 100 yards into the back garden of a property in Baring Road where he raped her twice. 

Two months earlier Charles had followed a woman home before barging into her house as she opened her front door. He threatened to kill her before stealing her handbag and running from the house. 

When police arrived at the scene the victim noticed the ring which had been left in the hallway. Due to a distinctive hallmark, the ring could be traced to the southeast London jeweller who had sold it. Charles' home was close to both crime scenes and he was arrested on October 17. 

Charles initially denied involvement in both offences but pleaded guilty to two counts of rape, two counts of robbery and one count of theft on 16 November.


"Blair Charles is a violent offender who preyed on lone women as they made their way home at night. We know he carried out two horrific attacks and there is a possibility he may have offended elsewhere.

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