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January 6, 2016 -- An online poll reveals the angriest American demographics are white and poor people. 

54 percent of white Americans say their are angrier today than a year ago. Poor folk — those earning $15,000 or less per year — are angrier than those in other economic brackets. 

White and poor Americans say their financial conditions are worse than they expected them to be. 52 percent of all Americans said the American dream is gone.  

The poll was conducted by NBC News/Survey Monkey/Esquire.

54 percent of whites said they are angrier now than one year ago. 
43 percent of Latinos and 33 percent of blacks were angrier now than one year ago. 
73 percent of whites are angry at least once per day. 
66 percent of Hispanics and 56 percent of blacks are angry once per day. 
61 percent of Republicans are angrier now than one year ago. 
42 percent of Democrats are angrier now than one year ago. 

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  1. african americans are! why even pay attention to lies by the way african american wasn't a term till the 80s whites do have a reason to be angry by the way.