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January 22, 2016 -- We're awaiting word from pseudo-feminists to condemn this disgusting attack. We're also awaiting anti-hate groups to denounce this inexcusable act of hatred. No response thus far. 

See video below

While we're waiting we'll field objections [Q] from the regressive left. 

• Q: Not all Muslims are violent, so why should we ban them from Western nations?

A: Not all Muslims are violent, but their holy book — The Quaran — is violent. And they all swear by it. 

• Q: Most Muslims are moderates. 

A: Most Ku Klux Klansters have been moderates. Do you support the Klan?

• Q: But only about one percent of Muslims are terrorists!

A: What's one percent of 1.7 billion? I come up with 17-million terrorists.

• Q: Obama is really good at vetting Muslims coming into America.

A: 14 deceased victims in San Barnardino say otherwise. 

• Q: Your just taking this out of context. There aren't that many "bad" Muslims.

A: Since Sept. 11, 2001 there have been 27,667 documented terrorist attacks by Muslims. Compare that to zero terrorist attacks by the hated KKK.

• Q: We need to be tolerant of other cultures. 

A: So why do you hate Southern culture? Why do you hate the Confederate flag? Why do you demonize Paula Dean and others who portray Southern civility in a positive light? 

• Q: Multiculturalism and inclusion are good.

A. But you exclude Southern culture? Why is that? Southerners don't routinely poop on the sidewalk, make whoopi with goats, molest young girls in swimming pools, and fly passenger jets into skyscrapers. 

We're still waiting.

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  1. almost all of these feminist would of been the maid or cook the other servants made fun of 100 years ago.