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January 7, 2016 -- Two 14-year-old males and 33-year-old female have been arrested in Milwaukee in the fatal shooting of Michael Schafrik.

The media profiled the alleged killer and his accomplices by age and gender, but refused to profile them by race leading us to believe they were probably black. 

Reports say Schafrik argued with his killer moments before being gunned down. The media seldom report aggressive black-on-white behavior, preferring to shroud it as a benign "argument" or referring brutal attacks as "fights" implying the victim was at least partially at fault for his own demise.

• The mainstream Marxist media pretends black Americans are oppressed by white privilege. That false narrative is reinforced by the media that perpetually reports white-on-black violence, pretending self defense is aggression. The death of Michael Brown who was killed by Darren Wilson in self-defense is a classic example of media bias and distortion.

• In 1944 a 14-year-old black male, George Stinney (photo), was executed for murdering two little white girls in Alcolu, South Carolina.

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