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January 5, 2016 -- The social media site, Twitter, has implemented new policies to stem free speech. 

In typical fashion the far-left  is shrouding censorship in the ambiguous ruse of controlling 'hate speech.' 

Hate speech, of course, can be anything. 

Given the predatory left's propensity for mendacity — leftist loon Bernie Sanders blames global warming for Islamic terrorism — we can expect the predatory left's use of 'hate speech' to censor any concept it can shroud in the pretext of hate.

Example: A comment referring to Bernie Sanders as a leftist loon could be considered hate speech and, consequently, could be summarily zapped by the thought police at Twitter.    

The site outlined its censorship policy noting that content advocating against an individual or organization based on any one of a list of protected people groups may be subjected to zapification. 

What's more, Twitter plans to zap posts by organizations or persons associated with hate. I suppose if you live on the same planet as a Klanster, then you are associated with the Klan and liable to be zapped.

Please report typos...

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  1. it means nothing other! but hate directed towards white europeans will be tolerated.