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January 31, 2016 -- Margaret Recasens, 28, was fatally stabbed Nov. 28, 2015. 

Arrested for the crime is 25-year-old Dejuan Windom who will stand trial for the crime. 

News reports referred to Windon as Recasens' boyfriend. 

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A Monessen man was held for trial at a preliminary hearing today on charges he fatally stabbed his girlfriend.

Dejuan Windom, 25, will stand trial in the Nov. 31 death of Margaret Recasens, 29, District Judge Eugene Ricciardi ordered today.

Mr. Windon was charged with homicide Dec. 3 after police said he got a ride from Monessen to Carrick to find Ms. Recasens, who had moved to get away from him. Police said he stabbed her in front of Anthony’s Pizza on Brownsville Road.

Mr. Windom has been held in the Allegheny County Jail since then without bail.

His formal arraignment is scheduled for March 4.

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