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January 12, 2016 -- Thousands of German patriots marched through the streets of Liepzig, Germany this week. 

The demonstration was a show of force after Islamic insurgents randomly attacked hundreds of women throughout Germany on New Years eve. 

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"Holding banners and shouting slogans including "Merkel needs to go", the event was organised in protest over the mass violent and sexual assaults which took place in Cologne on New Year's Eve. The attackers have been widely described as looking of "Arabic" and "north African" descent." —
The mainstream Marxist media is stigmatizing the patriots as "xenophobes," "far right," and causing division.

In a pejorative-filled biased attack on the patriots, The Daily Mail reported:

Thousands of protesters have waved anti-migrants signs and xenophobic flags in the eastern German city of Leipzig as they demonstrated against a record refugee influx they blamed for sexual violence at New Year's Eve events in Cologne. 

The rally was organised by LEGIDA, the local chapter of xenophobic group PEGIDA, the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident, Many chanted 'We are the people', 'Resistance!' and 'Deport them!'. Others vented their anger and frustration at Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is accused of destroying Germany by letting in 1.1 million asylum seekers in 2015.

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