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January 19, 2016 -- The Sokal Hoax occurred when Prof. Alan Sokal submitted a scholarly paper to an academic journal in 1996. 

See video below.

Once the article was published, Sokal revealed the paper was a hoax. By utilizing academic sounding terminology he was able to frame nonsensical concepts into a believable context. 

The regressive left does the same. 

Climate change, formerly known as 'global warming' is a Sokal Hoax. It is the apocalypse of the cultural Marxism cult. By framing this pseudo-science in academic terminology, the hoax sounds real. 

White privilege is a Sokal Hoax. The regressive left implants this cardinal doctrine of the cultural Marxism cult into the minds of Americans at every opportunity. Ignored is the reality that the entire human race is privileged to be living at this point in time in history. We are privileged to have advanced health care never before realized throughout human existence. The abject poverty level is at an all-time low. The technological life enhancements created by Western culture have significantly improved the quality of living for every human. 

Intelligence disparity denial is a Sokal hoax. To my knowledge there has never been a field of study as extensive of human intelligence. The intelligence disparity between races is a settled science. Nonetheless, the regressive left pretends that income disparities are due to social injustice rather than biology. 

Disparate impact is a Sokal hoax. The notion is that black students are unfairly disciplined more frequently and more severely than their white classmates. The unfairness affects the ability of blacks to earn income on a parity with whites later in life. The outcome, they say, is economic disparity. Disciplining black students, therefore, creates a disparate impact. In reality blacks students are disciplined more than white for the same reason male students are disciplined more than female students: They are more likely to break rules. 

Those are four of many. 

Pseudo-feminism uses Sokal-like terms such as "white male privilege" and "objectifying women." We sometimes encounter the "trans-generational trauma caused by slavery" nonsense and "race is a social construct". The regressive left prefers to use "indigenous people" as a replacement for "native Americans" that replaced "Indians." "Native American" no longer fits the globalist narrative. Expect "African American" to become a discarded term in the near future. Like "native American" it implicitly endorses nationalism rather than globalism. 

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