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January 12, 2016 -- You can believe your own eyes or you can believe the media. But you can't believe both.

While the media is demonizing patriots in Germany as 'xenophobes' and 'Islamophobes,' hundreds of women are being molested throughout Germany and across Western Europe. 

Far left politicians joined the media in criticizing patriots for being "divisive" when they demonstrated in Liepzig. In reality Germany is being divided by the cultural Marxist agenda to displace Western Europe through immigration.

In this video we see a terrified woman being dragged into a subway by a mob of laughing "refugees."

Readers tell us the video is from Cairo's Tahrir Square, not Germany. Nonetheless, it captures the terror inflicted on women in Germany on New Years eve.

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  1. That's not Germany, not even Europe. It's Egypt shot by a Dutch Journalist.

  2. GetAngryTakeActionJanuary 12, 2016 at 8:30 AM

    Your words prove nothing. And, besides either way its still mudslime youth in droves attacking a single helpless women. Dealing with the same filth either way. 500+ claims of sexual assault; you dont think any women experienced some similar terror that night in Cologne.