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January 31, 2016 -- Tens of thousands of Italians participated in a demonstration opposing same-sex unions. 

The event was largely ignored by the international media that prefer to advance a narrative that gay marriage is universally accepted. 

AP reported the crowds flooded Circus Maximus.

PressTV, an affiliate of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, reported: 

People from across the country came to Rome by bus and train to take part in the event. 
"We want the whole law to be withdrawn, no ifs and no buts," said Simone Pillon one of the organizers of the rally, adding, "We cannot let children pay for the desires or caprices of adults. Children need to have a father and a mother.”

Massimo Gandolfini, another organizer of the protest, also denounced the bill as “deviation” which Italy “is still resisting.”

The bill was taken to parliament earlier in January and lawmakers are to vote on it in February. However, there is opposition against the much-contested legislation from within the government, with opponents hoping to be able to sink it as before. — PressTV

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