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January 27, 2016 -- We've become accustomed to low-intellect, high-hormone Muslims sexually abusing girls and women. 

Sometimes, however, the abusers are neither idiots nor Islamic. 

Ofttimes they are teachers. 

Among the ten alleged perverts arrested for trying to have sex with underage girls is a substitute elementary teacher. 

David Hocker, 35, was a substitute elementary school teacher at Warren Village in Denver. Marcum says ICE is investigating whether he may be tied to other crimes involving underage sex. Hocker tried to solicit sex from who he thought was an 11 and 14 year old girl through text messages after receiving their information on, according to Hocker's arrest affidavit. —

Another, 34-year-old Surat Suvanprateep, is a school warehouse worker.

Three of the ten are illegal aliens. 

The undercover sting operation was conducted in Colorado Jan. 20 and 21 by ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations Office.

In addition to Hocker and Suvanprateep, Douglas Burgos, Jason Lee Sauer, Wade Donald Smith, Fidel Pete Flores Jr., Rodrigo Estrada-Gonzalez, Rene Fuentes, Jerry Rivera and Jose Alberto Cortez-Camacho were arrested. 

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  1. No excuses for the white guys involved, they still should be shot for trying to steal innocence.