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January 10, 2016 --Ever wonder why privileged white liberals avoid black neighborhoods? 

While they pretend that white privilege, discrimination, and segregation is the cause of black crime, they prefer to live in insulated Jim Crow neighborhoods far removed from those they say they care about. 

One would think white-privileged liberals would pack up a U-Haul and move into the 'hood where they could freely redistribute their privilege and make a real difference in the lives of oppressed minorities (now known as "people of color.") 

Perhaps their redistribution of privilege would alleviate the violent crime that prevails in the 'hood, such as gang rapes. Privileged white liberals who live in isolated Jim Crow suburbs should consider themselves complicit to black violence. 

While white liberals were enjoying their privilege Thursday, an 18-year-old girl in New York City was being raped by five black males. The media was careful to profile the suspects by gender (male) but not by race (black). Admitting blacks can be criminals does not fit the cultural Marxism narrative that blacks are the perennial victims of white oppression; that non-whites are the victimized proletariat and that whites are the oppressing bourgeois.

Police reports say the 'teens' — ages 20s and 30s — forced the victim's father to leave the playground at gunpoint. The father fled to call authorities.

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An 18-year-old woman was savagely attacked by a group of men who took turns raping her during a horrific scene at a Brooklyn playground, officials said Saturday.

The victim was inside Osborn Playground in Brownsville about 11:15 p.m. on Thursday when the five suspects approached her and her father near the park’s handball courts, officials said.

One of the suspects — described by police sources as a man in his 20s or 30s in a red jacket and black pants — pulled a gun and ordered the victim’s dad to leave the playground, officials said.

“Get the f--- out of here,” he ordered, according to police sources.

The victim’s father ran from the playground and called 911, officials said. When he returned soon after with two uniformed officers, the suspects scattered, cops said. The trembling victim was treated at Kings County Hospital, officials said.

More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. The sons of Obama strike again!

  2. This is why people should be allowed to conceal carry a firearm. It was a firearm that was used to commit the crime, but the victim's father wasn't allowed to carry one to protect himself or his daughter. These thugs would commit less of these crimes if the public were armed as the constitution allows and start fighting back. A few dead BLACK criminals would solve a lot of problems.