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January 15, 2016 -- Here's another story you won't hear from the national media. 

Rhy’heem Wilson, 18, has been charged with fatally shooting two white people Jan. 6. The victims were a white newly wed couple. 

The crime occurred in a convenient store parking lot in Henderson, North Carolina. 

Abbdil Al-muwallad, who was working at the A.A. Food Mart the night of the shooting, said he didn’t hear gunshots but called police after seeing Crystal Moore in the store parking lot. 

“The woman came out of the truck, her leg was bleeding and she was running and hollering. I asked her what was wrong and she said, ‘He got shot.’ I went outside and looked and saw a man passed out in the passenger seat.” 

Vance County EMS transported Justin and Crystal Moore to the hospital where Justin Moore then succumbed to his injuries. Wilson was arrested and charged a day later on Jan. 7. He is currently being held in the Vance County Jail without bond. —
• The mainstream Marxist media will sensationalize fatal shootings in which the deceased is black. The media uses such stories to reinforce their false narrative that blacks are oppressed and whites are their oppressors. 

There are so few white-on-black violent crimes that the media must salvage the deaths of blacks such as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown — both who were killed in self defense — to support their false narrative. 

• The far-left media talks incessantly about race, but only when blacks and be exploited and whites criminalized. When the honest media makes reference to race — such as in this tragic story — we are stigmatized with hate speech and pejoratives such as 'racist' for simply reporting the truth.

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