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January 12, 2016 -- 850,000 teens attend the annual ‘We are Sthlm’ music festival in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Police said last year's event — held in August — saw few crimes. 

They lied. 

A memo sent to police chiefs and the Stockholm police media centre at the festival suggested the migrant sex crime problem was, in fact, a recurring one from previous years. Police now admit they should have shared this information. The perpetrators of the sexual assaults and thefts were predominantly “young foreign men who come to Sweden without their parents”. An internal police memo stated that the young men concerned primarily came from Afghanistan. —
Apparently the "crime-free" music fest is also an annual rape fest for Islamic slugs from Afghanistan. 

Warning: Failure to comply with Marxist narrative that Islamic insurgents are actually refugees may result in the media calling you a 'xenophobe' or 'Islamophobe.'

From London's Daily Mail we read: 

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested for sexually assaulting two 14-year-old girls a music festival in Stockholm last summer, as Swedish police scrambles to amend the shocking cover-up of attacks.
Yesterday, Swedish police was [sic] accused of 'playing down' dozens of sexual assaults on teenage girls at the annual We Are Sthlm festival - because a majority of the suspects were underage refugees. It has now emerged that 63 per cent of the victims were under 15, and all but three of the reported sexual assaults and rapes involved girls under 18.

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    1. They would never benefit and prosper their host country, they will only suck the resources and victimize the native hosts.