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January 28, 2016 -- All local authorities have to take their own responsibility for housing migrants, according to Sweden’s Minister for Home affairs.

What's worse, asylum seekers who fail to qualify will be allowed to stay in Sweden for years before they will be expelled. 

Worse yet is the failed asylum seekers will receive financial aid from Sweden's taxpayers. 

The announcement leaves the impression that the government in Sweden is intentionally attempting to attract Islamic insurgents and plans to keep those who should be deported indefinitely. 

It appears to be akin to the USA's amnesty program: Once an illegal alien steps foot on our soil, they are virtually guaranteed de facto citizenship. 

I call it global Marxism and its objective is to alleviate the economic disparity that exists between Western nations and third-world countries. 

The economic disparity is the effect of an intelligence disparity. Inhabitants of Third-world countries typically have average IQs ranging from 70 in some sub-Saharan African regions to about 85 in many Muslim nations. In the aggregate they simply can't compete with Western nations. 

The solution — from a global Marxism perspective — is to colonize Western nations with low-IQ Third-worlders, thereby dampening the intelligence disparity and ultimately the economic disparity. 

The outcome will be a decrease in the quality of life for all humanity as the Western-culture infrastructure is weakened. 

Marxists care little about quality of life. They are solely concerned about equality of life; themselves, of course, excepted.

Officials in Sweden say they plan to deport 80,000 recently arrived asylum seekers. 

Anastasia Levchenko — Failed asylum seekers facing deportation from Sweden will stay in special facilities and receive financial aid for several years before being expelled to the countries of origin, press secretary to Sweden’s Minister for Home affairs Anders Ygeman told Sputnik Thursday. 

On Wednesday, Anders Ygeman revealed Sweden's plans to expel up to 80,000 failed asylum seekers. He mentioned that deporting migrants would take several years, and charter aircrafts would be used for these purposes. —
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