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January 25, 2016 -- The regressive left silences free speech by designating truth as "hate speech."

A case is point is the De Anza College in California. 

Some students want to silence Christians who vociferously oppose homosexuality, Islam, and baby killing. Their strategy is to (1) designate the Christian view as 'hate speech' then (2) ban hate speech. 

Leftists are also using "feelings" as an excuse to shush Christians. When a gay student hears something that makes him feel uncomfortable, the leftist label the speech "targeted verbal violence."

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“Our students need to feel that they are safe when they’re passing by corridors on campus, without worrying about being targeted for what they look like … I don’t think we should ever tolerate that,” said student Arjun Gadkari. 

The website, considered by some to a be far-left hate group, claimed two hijab-wearing girls felt threatened when a passing person informed them they would burn in hell. That contention was unsubstantiated. 

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De Anza College students have gathered more than 550 signatures on an online petition urging administrators to regulate “hate speech/discrimination,” following recent campus visits by loud Christian preachers.
The petition calls for the college and district administrations to disallow speech that leaves students feeling verbally abused on the basis of their ethnicity, gender, religion or sexuality. It can be viewed here.
Elias Kamal, a political science major who started the petition, wrote “free speech is a vital part of society,” but added that harmful speech that angers students should not be permitted.
Many petition supporters posted affirming comments. DASB senator Elaine Edberg, 21, sociology and philosophy major, wrote, “There’s a difference between hate speech and free speech and these hatemongers need to be put in their place (and away from our school).”
Kamal and others presented the petition to the FHDA Board of Trustees at its meeting Monday, Jan. 11, and it was also discussed at a DASB Senate meeting two days later.
FHDA Chancellor Judy Miner took questions from DASB senators and spoke about the issue for 10 minutes at the Wednesday meeting.
“We will never be able to prevent people from saying things that are hurtful, that are offensive,” Miner said. “Unless someone is blocking an entrance or doing something that is unsafe, they have a right to hand out their leaflets or to approach people and ask them to think about what they’re doing.”
Arjun Gadkari, De Anza student trustee on the FHDA board, said he thinks something can and should be done about the “targeted verbal violence.”
“Our students need to feel that they are safe when they’re passing by corridors on campus, without worrying about being targeted for what they look like … I don’t think we should ever tolerate that,” he said.
The FHDA district paid an undisclosed sum to settle a free speech lawsuit by anti-abortion protesters in 2005.

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