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MUST READ ► My Horrific Experience With A Psychopath

January 5, 2016 -- Here's the story of a man who survived a home invasion and how he did it...

Since when was I meeting with two butt-ugly young men in my bedroom at ten thirty at night? 

Then I saw that one had a machete and the other a long knife. Ah ohh, I said to myself, bending back slightly – I know what this is, this is an armed robbery. Simultaneously I drew a long straight strong encased Brazilian sixinch blade knife from the right side of my pants, blade pointed toward the right testicle. As they spotted my knife their faces went from terror-inducing to terror-expressing, and they just managed to escape my room before I could corner either. In fact, I went straight at the cutlass man since he was the more vulnerable, within two feet of him he could do no more than slap me on my back, while I could slash him to death. The other was more “problematic.”
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