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January 12, 2016 -- Infighting among affinity groups seems to be an inherent human frailty. 

News report say the brawl at the Sikh Temple in Turlock, Calif. Sunday was prompted by a dispute over temple leadership and that factions have been fighting for years. 

If people of like-faith and like-ethnicity can't get along, why would any rational person believe multiculturalism can work?

Personally, I can get along with most anyone and find hatred between ethnic groups to be abjectly stupid. Even more absurd are those who deny such hatred exists and imagine humanity can somehow morph into a Marxist utopia. 

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  1. I recall a fight that broke out at the Parliament of World Religions. It was held at the Palmer House,Chicago in 1993. Sikhs, Hindus and Muslim Pakis, got into a screaming match. Jews left when Louis Farrakhan walked in.