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January 28, 2016 -- One city is planning to segregate buses; a move to protect women from the groping hands of Muslim migrants. Another is planning to ban migrants from nightclubs. 

Freiburg is allowing nightclubs to vet patrons to sort out potential troublemakers. Other clubs are outright banning migrants altogether. 

The move comes after numerous women report being assaulted at the city's clubs by Islamic insurgents posing as refugees. 

Apologists for Islamic insurgency, including a key labor leader, condemn the ban as discrimination. The 'bad apple' argument could be made for most any organization, including the Ku Klux Klan. 

• It is appalling that the left would condemn the KKK while giving a pass to Islam, the world's oldest, largest, and deadliest hate group. 

• Why do Islamic insurgents behave so badly? 

Consider that the average IQ in most Middle-eastern Muslim countries is about 85. Grown men have the physiques and hormones of adults, but the intellectual and emotional maturity of 12-year-olds.
A German university city with a Green party migrant-supporting administration has banned refugees from several nightclubs following complaints from females of sexual harassment and theft. 

Women have allegedly complained to managers of clubs in Freiburg, southwest Germany, about being fed date-rape drugs and being accosted in toilets. Another woman claimed she had been raped while a bouncer was allegedly stabbed by a migrant.

One club now issues special cards to foreigners in which they are allowed entry only if they agree to reject 'violence, sexism and discrimination.' Other nightspots have apparently enforced a blanket ban. According to local media reports, the problem extends to six discos in the town. 

'No more entry for asylum seekers,' was the headline in the weekend edition of the newspaper Badische Zeitung. 

Freiburg's welfare and social services leader Ulrich von Kirchbach warned: 'It is discrimination. One cannot rule out a whole group of people like this.' He said most of the 3,000 asylum seekers in the town on the border with Switzerland behaved themselves and that a few 'black sheep' can be found anywhere. 

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  1. I thought most of these invaders got money from the govt. if that's their only income what are they doing in a nightclub?For that matter if they are muslim what are they doing in an establishment that serves alcohol?

  2. More like Ulrich von Cuckbach.