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January 6, 2016 -- A refugee from Eritrea living in Sweden slashed the throat of a seven-year-old girl. 

The victim was the daughter of a family in Sweden that had taken the African into their home.

The alleged murderer claims he intended to kill himself, then opted to murder the little girl instead. The girl was killed in the bathroom of her home

The crime occurred in July, 2015, but has only recently been made public. Daniel Gebru had arrived in Sweden ten months before the crime. 

Gebru was sentenced to psychiatric care and deportation, but there is no evidence that he will actually be deported. The Migration Board in Sweden refuses to deport anyone to Eritrea due to human rights infringements in that African nation. 

The court ruled that Gebru was mentally ill, even though he had previously been evicted from the home for failure to pay rent. There was no apparent reason for the killer to have been in the home when the murder occurred. 

Two other Swedes were killed by migrants from Eritrea at an IKEA store in August. The killers were considered the victims of mental disorders resulting from abuse in their home country and, consequently, effectively absolved of their crimes. 

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  1. This animal murders a seven year old and gets sentenced with a deportation! You'd think the parents would have taken that a$$h0le's knife and cut the "migrant" into mincemeat, but no, the parents probably held a candlelight vigil and sang kumbaya. I'd say that Sweden is a nation of pu$$ies, but the rest of Europe is the same way, and increasingly the United States. I'm thinking that somewhere someone will say ENOUGH and then there will be tons of hell to pay!!! I'd get angry enough with these "migrants", but I'd save the worst for the politicians who ruined their nations and turned first world countries into turd world countries by way of massive uncontrolled immigration.

  2. Parents are just as responsible as the perp, just to bad the little girl had to pay the price.