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January 7, 2016 -- While German Chancellor Angela Merkel is ordering us not to blame Islamic "refugees" for the mass rape in Cologne last week, the rapists, themselves, are excusing their attacks. 

One rapist reportedly told police investigators, "Mrs. Merkel invited me!"

The author of the report also cited one of the men engaged in the unrest as saying: "I'm a Syrian! You have to treat me kindly! [Chancellor Angela] Merkel invited me." —

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A new German police report has described the situation during the mass assaults on women in Cologne on NYE as “chaotic and shameful.” It outlined the highly inappropriate behavior of perpetrators, described as migrants, who demanded respect from police.

Groups of men bombarded police with fireworks and pelted people with glass bottles while officers unsuccessfully attempted to prevent mass assaults against women in Cologne on NYE, a new police report revealed.

The new police report outlined by Der Spiegel and Bild newspapers on Thursday described the situation in Cologne on New Year's Eve as “chaotic and shameful” as the police became too overwhelmed to prevent the "fights, thefts, sexual assaults against women.”

The author of the report said that at some point police feared there could be fatalities.

Masses of “heavily intoxicated men” which were described by witnesses as migrants bombarded police with fireworks and pelted with glass bottles, the report said.

“When we arrived, our vehicles were pelted with firecrackers,” the author of the report said. “In the forecourt and on the cathedral steps were a thousand people, mostly males of an immigrant background who were indiscriminately throwing fireworks and bottles into the crowd.”

The perpetrators reportedly tore up residence permits in front of police saying: “You can't touch me. I'll just go back tomorrow and get a new one."

The author of the report also cited one of the men engaged in the unrest as saying: "I'm a Syrian! You have to treat me kindly! [Chancellor Angela] Merkel invited me."

A police officer anonymously told The Express newspaper that his squad had detained several people who had "only been in Germany for a few weeks.”

“14 were from Syria and one was from Afghanistan,” he said.

The level of disrespect towards police was “like I have never experienced in my 29 years of public service," the author concluded.

The author of the report said that police officers who had been trying to reach people calling out for help were prevented from pushing their way through. Orders to leave the premises of the train station were ignored as well.

A lack of resources prevented security representatives from taking repeated offenders into custody as well as promptly registering all of the complaints at the scene, the report says. Witnesses were reportedly threatened when they tried to help identify the perpetrators.

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