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January 24, 2016 -- Grotesque rudeness is apparently ingrained in the DNA of African Muslims invading Germany. 

Nearly four weeks after the world was alerted to Muslims attacking German women in Cologne on New Years eve, reports of similar attacks persist. 

Once such attack occurred in Freiburg. Reports say that migrant gangs harassed women, barged into toilets and committed sex attacks at a local night club.

Leftists in denial condemn the attacks by Islamic insurgents as “full of male violence” even as they welcome hordes of male Islamic insurgents pretending to be refugees.

Knowing that Islamic "refugees" likely have IQs in the mid-80s, it's not surprising they behave like ten-year-olds high on hormones.

With its underground location White Rabbit is the perfect place to let your hair down after a stressful week. 

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But for club-goer Annika, fun with friends quickly turned into the night from hell. The 46-year-old claims she was “surrounded and pushed aside” by a large group of African men harassing women on the dance floor. 

She felt threatened. 

The situation was “full of male violence”. Seven men were kicked out onto the streets of the German city of Freiburg amid claims they harassed women. A terrified Annika was then forced to push her way through a group of men on the steps outside. 

“It was like running the gauntlet,” she said. 

After a string of incidents, the managers of White Rabbit have been forced to clamp down on what was once a bustling nightlife hotspot. According to reports, pickpocketing has surged; a bouncer was allegedly attacked with a knife; date rape drugs were apparently slipped into drinks and men are said to have forced themselves upon women. 

It is also alleged that men have forced their way into women’s bathroom stalls, breaching the last possible safe area for females in the club. So out has gone the welcoming door policy – now it’s only possible to come in with a club card.

Local newspaper Badische Zeitung reports that White Rabbit told event organisers they saw no other way to deal with “certain problems with refugees”. 

And they’re not the only venue in the city of Freiburg to have problems. One pub was forced to put up warning signs in multiple languages – but when that didn’t work they tightened their entry rules. —
We predict Europeans will attempt to institute Jim Crow-like laws for the same reason such laws existed in the American South: To provide white people with safe spaces where they can be temporarily free from real racism. 

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