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January 16, 2016 -- A 23-year-old man's face was kicked in by a racist mob in Mamphis, Tenn. The crime was ignored by the national media because the attackers were black and the victim white. 

Reports say Graham Patton's injuries were so severe he was unrecognizable. 

According to officers, Patton took a walk outside around 11 p.m. when two men he did not know came out of nowhere. "Something along the lines of 'hey white boy what are you doing around here? You're not supposed to be here' or something and that was it," Anderson explained. Anderson said Patton was knocked to the ground and severely beaten. —
The crime occurred Jan. 5, 2015. Police are wondering if it may possibly be a hate crime.

• Some say Jim Crow laws existed to protect people like Patton from black violence. Historians, however, focus on Rosa Parks' sore feet rather than white victims of black violence.

• Violent black-on-white crimes are common in the United States and have been for generations. The national media refuse to report them because they fail to fit the cultural Marxism narrative that blacks are oppressed victims of privileged white people.

While black-on-white mob attacks result in life-altering injuries and death, black Americans are portrayed by the media as victims of micro-aggressions, white privilege, and trans-generational trauma caused by slavery.

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