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January 21, 2016 -- Somewhere there's a psychologist who can explain this.

A school in Doha, Qatar has banned Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A parent complained that the story contains sexual innuendo. 

Oddly, the Islamic loons who are protected from such obscenities are those who attack European women. 

Is there a suppression issue?

The book of Allah and his Seven Year Old Bride is still on the library shelves, we are told.  

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It is not known which images caused offence, but the book cover shows a smiling Snow White being held by the prince, who in the story revives her with a kiss after she eats a poisoned apple, English-language website Doha News reported.

SEK headteacher Vivian Arif told Doha News that the school immediately took action after receiving the complaint.

“SEK international school Qatar is proud to be established in this country and presents its formal apologies for any offence that this unintended situation may have caused,” Arif was quoted as saying in a statement.

The school opened in September 2013 and has more than 150 pupils from 27 countries, according to its website. It offers classes for students from the ages of three to 18.

The book is based on the Disney-animated version of Snow White, released in 1937 and based on the Grimm brothers’ fairytale.

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  1. yet they would rape her in a heartbeat GD hypocrites.