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MUST READ ► My Horrific Experience With A Psychopath

January 17, 2016 -- Psychosis is a mental disorder in which the victim lives in a state of delusion that includes denial of reality and embraces a false reality. 

A person who thinks he is Napoleon Bonaparte is likely psychotic. A person who sees space aliens is likely psychotic. A person who believes she is infested with the white privilege demon is likely psychotic. A person who sees white privilege is likely psychotic. 

By imposing its false narratives on Americans, the far left is morphing us into social psychosis. We are convinced there is actually climate change (formerly global warming) that is caused by free-market capitalism. We believe in the nonsense of micro-aggressions and implicit racism. We see Islamic insurgent terrorists and rapists as harmless refugees. 

We are living in a state of delusion; of psychosis.

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Zeitgeist Liberalism (Part 2)

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  1. of course it is old savage nation, liberalism is a mental disorder.