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January 18, 2016 -- Think of cultural Marxism as a cult and white privilege as a cardinal doctrine. 

Apologists for anti-white sentiment abound in their ludicrous efforts at uncovering white privilege and racism. 

One assistant professor penned an op-ed with the help of two graduate students in which he imagined white bias in the Muslim terror attacks in Paris last year. 

Published in The Clarion, The University of Denver professor contended that university e-mails regarding the attacks were “biased towards white life.”

“It is our opinion that, despite these emails, DU participates in making its ‘marginalized communities’ feel unwelcomed because of an implicit bias toward white life not extended to the lives of nonwhite people. Our discussion of Paris is not meant to ignore the loss of life there, but to point out the valorization of white life assumed by DU.” [Continue reading the entire op-ed here ►]

That's not to say the musings of Armond R. Towns, the asst. professor who wrote the op-ed, are wholly unfounded. Islamic attacks are common in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East snuffing out hundreds of lives with virtually no international media attention. 

• Eleven were reported killed in Yemen yesterday when a suicide bomber rammed a bus into the home of a policeman. Had eleven Frenchmen been killed yesterday, the media would likely have puffed the story. 

• In Iraq an accused homosexual was tossed from a roof. Again, had such a crime been committed in France, there would have been massive media attention. 

• Jan. 16 an estimated 300 were massacred in a Syrian town. The attack included door-to-door beheadings, reports say. Imagine such a crime being committed in France the same day. 

Does that translate to white bias?

The biased reporting may be motivated by an effort to calm the fears of people of color (proletariat) by keeping them ignorant. 

Anti-white racism seems to be a common theme in American colleges and universities. 

• Some think this website is obsessed with race and racism. We are not. Rather, the regressive left is obsessed with race and racism. We simply respond. 

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