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January 15, 2016 -- The so-called 'far right" Party for Freedom (PVV) is now the largest political party in The Netherlands, a poll reveals. 

Were parliamentary elections held today, Geert Wilder's PVV would win up to 41 of the 150 seats. 

The mainstream Marxist media are ruing the rise of patriotic movements. One news story demonized the PVV as focusing on "insecurity."

This success indicates the Dutch, contrary to their current leadership, are mostly reluctant to welcoming refugees in their country. The French polling institute Ifop indicates that only 48% of the Dutch think migrants should be divided between European states. 

In addition, 85% believe significant number of terrorists are arriving among refugees in Europe. In the wake of the Cologne sexual assaults, the PVV, surfing on the populist wave, gained further support by blaming Muslim migrants and the Islam religion overall. 

Even though the PVV is the largest party in the Netherlands, local newspapers report Geert Wilders is also the least liked person in the country. The politician has been living under police protection since more than 10 years. —
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