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January 21, 2016 -- Merkel's Christian Democratic Union of Germany party stinks, according to 90 percent of Germans a recent poll reveals.

The other ten percent are apparently Muslims and lunatics.

Germans who fear the party's immigration plan has double, the poll says. 

The survey by N24-Emnid reveals that 79 percent favors tightening conditions for receiving incoming refugees. 

Eight percent approve Merkel's immigration plan. 

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Oddly, 53 percent — a slight majority — still see Merkel as the right leader for Germany while 42 say she is not the right Chancellor of the nation. 

In an earlier poll taken in April 23 percent of Germans were dissatisfied with the number of refugees coming into the country. That number has more than doubled to 48 percent. 

The Alternative for Germany party represents 9 percent of voters, the poll reveals. It trails behind Merkel's CDU, the socialist SPD, and it tied with the Green Party. 

Germans, apparently, vote for their party rather than their conviction.

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