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January 27, 2016 -- Police in Sweden were surrounded by a screaming mob of Muslims. The officers were attempting to rescue a ten-year-old boy who had been raped multiple times at a refugee camp. 

The attack occurred at Västerås in central Sweden.

Muslims use a swarming tactic to attack police and others, creating no-go zones where they are free to commit heinous crimes.

Consequently, the police were unable to rescue the victim.

Swedish police were forced to run for their lives after being attacked by a mob of asylum seekers as they tried to relocate amid allegations a 10-year-old boy had been 'raped repeatedly' at a refugee centre. 

Officers entered the centre in Västerås to save the young boy who had been reportedly attacked repeatedly by asylum seekers at the centre. Initially, staff in the centre tried to remove the boy but were stopped by the mob. Instead the staff called police for backup. 

One of the officers told the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper: 'Even more people appeared behind us. I was mentally prepared to fight for my life. We were 10 police officers in a narrow corridor. And I hear someone yell that there is an emergency exit.'

The incident happened last Wednesday, before a 15-year-old asylum seeker in Sweden was accused of murdering a girl working in a refugee centre. 

According to Russia Today, Police Union Director Lena Nitz said: ' Many of the problems we are now facing help to prove the point that Swedish police have long been underfunded and understaffed',” Police Union Director Lena Nitz, told TT news agency. 

This follows the murder of Alexandra Mezher, who was stabbed to death at a refugee centre in Molndal, near Gothenburg on Sweden's west coast. —
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