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January 15, 2016 -- Political correctness has taken precedence over public safety in Sweden. Police in that nation are now forbidden to give descriptions of criminals that would reveal the suspects' race.

News reports say authorities want to avoid the risk of police being viewed as 'racist.'

The regressive left has convinced millions that the ultimate evil is being a racist. The pejorative is used to intimidate and bully gullible white people.

• In reality the far left intends to hide the high instance of violent crime committed by non-whites. 

• To our knowledge police are still permitted to profile suspects by gender, age, and other physical characteristics. 

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Swedish police are instructed not to give any description of perpetrators - for fear of being called racists.

Police in Stockholm will no longer provide information describing alleged perpetrators who have committed crimes - for fear of being perceived as racists, according to an internal directive the Swedish newpaper Svenska Dagbladet has gained access to.

The directive was distributed internally to police in Stockholm last September.

The letter describes the procedures police must use if events are to be communicated to the public. It covers everything from minor traffic accidents to serious crimes like robbery, abuse and murder.

The internal note has been introduced to avoid that police could be perceived as racists:

"Criticism is sometimes made against police regarding information about people's skin colour. It is perceived as racist. As police are not racist, nor shall be construed as so, this directive now applies," the letter reads.

Then an instruction on how the police should communicate on offenses follows. In events of everyday crime such as burglary, information such as height, skin colour, ethnicity or nationality, will not be given, according to the directive.

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  1. It is getting more difficult to think of leftism as anything other than a dangerous mental disorder.

  2. This is part of the hit piece vs the police in Sweden.
    The whole thing actually originated with the Cologne new years sex mobs.
    The media reported on that, even if a bit late, when it was already a big thing on the net. But then they also included similar stories in Sweden, from earlier in 2015.
    People then started to wonder why this was only coming to light now, and not when it happened.
    The media then immediately started blaming the police for it, while some of the "right-wing" net-media quickly found evidence that this was not the case. There were clear evidence of journalists looking things up and then deciding not to report on it, despite police trying to get them to write about it.

    This is part of this "blame the police" for the media not reporting things the way that they should.
    But as has been shown, the real problem was with the media itself and this is just another case of media blaming someone else.