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January 9, 2016 -- Patriots rallying in Cologne, Germany were attacked by police using water canons earlier today. 

The protesters numbered over 1,000 and chanted, Expulsion and carried banners reading, “Rapefugees not welcome.”

Reuters demonized the patriots as anti-immigration
 and hooligans.

• When a mob of 1,000 Islamic insurgents harassed women in Cologne, police were in short supply, even though the New Years eve celebration should have signaled the potential for violence. However, when patriots rally in support of preserving Western culture, the cops showed up in massive force. 

Imagine if this same brigade of police had turned their water canons on Islamic thugs who assaulted white German women on New Years eve. 

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German police have used water cannons to disperse PEGIDA demonstrators in Cologne. The anti-immigration movement were rallying against a rash of assaults on women, blamed on migrants in the city on New Year’s Eve.

Over a thousand supporters of the far-right movement took part in the protest in the center of the western German city on Saturday. They chanted “expulsion,” while waving German flags and other banners inscribed with slogans such as “Rapefugees not welcome.”

“Merkel must go” was another popular rallying cry with the demonstrators. The far-right supporters are infuriated with German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her soft stance on refugees, and statements that the country could accept over a million asylum seekers.

Scuffles between the police and PEGIDA supporters started after the demonstrators hurled firecrackers and beer bottles at law enforcers. When they continued to throw projectiles, police deployed two water cannons and used pepper spray to disperse the group. Supporters of the anti-immigration movement were then herded towards an area near the city’s station.

The police in Cologne could also be seen making a number of arrests of those supporting the PEGIDA movement. A police spokeswoman said the PEGIDA protest had attracted some 1,700 people, half of whom she described as coming from the “hooligan scene,” Reuters reported.

Supporters of PEGIDA were met by a counter-demonstration from leftist groups and activists. The two rival factions were kept apart by a large police presence.

The anti-PEGIDA supporters chanted “Nazi pigs” and “Nazi’s out.” One slogan on a sign held by a demonstrator read: “There is nothing right about Nazi propaganda,” while another stated: “Fascism is not an opinion, it is a crime,” AFP reported.

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