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January 30, 2016 -- George Stinney was only 14-year-old when he was executed in 1944. Apologists for black crime complain that he was framed; no one that young could commit such a heinous crime. 

Actually, it happens all too often. 

Recently Alexandra Mezher — a 22-year-old social worker in Sweden — was knifed to death at the refugee camp where she was employed. The center housed unaccompanied alien children. 

George Stinney, 14, was the youngest person to be
legally executed in the United States.
When a fight broke out between aliens, Mazher apparently tried to intervene and, as a result, was fatally and senselessly stabbed. 

Arrested in the crime was is Somalian Khaliif Nuur. 

Complicit in the crime are traitors to Western culture who encourage the immigration of Islamic insurgents under the pretext of welcoming "refugees." 

Complicit are those who understand the violence endemic to sub-Saharan African male culture, but pretend it doesn't exist and refuse to educate unwary Europeans who have never been exposed to it.

Complicit are the globalist traitors who arrogantly welcome Islamic insurgents into Western Europe. 

Complicit is the media that provides mind-manipulating cover for the Islamic insurgency. 

How many lives will be lost due to the insanity of cultural Marxism's intent to redistribute wealth by redistributing the world's population?

Click here to read more news stories of savage children who kill. Most of their victims are white. 

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