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January 30, 2016 -- Patriots rallying in Dover, England were forced to contend with mobs of traitors. 

The patriots were taking a stand against the Islamic invasion of Britain. 

Under the pretense of anti-racism, globalists turned the peaceful protest into a violent shoving match. 

The media defamed the patriots as "far right" white traitors stereotyped them as "Nazis."

Violence erupted and bricks were thrown as groups demonstrating against immigration clashed with anti-racism protesters in Dover.

Police were out in force with dog handlers, as hundreds of far-right demonstrators marched through town.

They clashed with anti-fascist demonstrators who were addressed by Diane Abbott, shadow secretary of state for international development.

Kent Police said officers were there to facilitate a peaceful protest.

Counter-demonstrators included members of Kent Anti-Racism Network, anti-fascist group Antifa and people with Socialist Worker placards.There were no immediate details of any arrests. —

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