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January 10, 2016 -- Taking a page from my 2004 gubernatorial race in Indiana and the successes of Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin, the light day has dawned in the mind of New Jersey governor Chris Christie. 

Speaking at a gathering in South Carolina, the governor echoed what I've been saying for years: Teachers unions are evil. Pure. Simple. Evil.

Christie used more diplomatic terms. Specifically he noted that, "...the teachers union is absolutely a subsidiary of the Democratic Party."

The governor noted that the unions have endorsed Hillary as a matter of protocol (my paraphrase).

"You know what that means — that she is bought and paid for just like my legislature is bought and paid for and no changes will be made,” Christie said.

Schoolchildren “have no shot” with teachers unions in place, he said, according to

Actually, they do shoot, but that's not what the governor had in mind, I'm sure. 

Then comes the clincher...

“We need a president to say the teachers union is not going to be a part of this solution, and we need to change laws state by state like Gov. [Scott] Walker did in Wisconsin,” he said.

Gov. Christie may be whacked on other issues, but on teachers unions he's dead on accurate.

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