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January 8, 2016 -- Under the pretense of disabling radical Islam, the White House is planning a summit to monitor "other" terrorist groups on social media. 

Keep in mind this is the government that equates American constitutionalists and patriots as terrorists and extremists. 

Participating in the summit are Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, YouTube and others. 

Translation? Simple.

Obama's cronies are using Islamic terror as a pretext to assault free speech which, of course, they will label "hate" speech. 

What to expect...

Expect the government to enhance its snooping into your activity among online friends and associates as well as track your Internet activity. Expect feds to continue to embed operatives in "extremist" organizations, including online groups. Expect kook groups to enjoy a measure of flexibility to keep the myth alive that white Americans are racists.  

In the not-to-distant future...

Expect the government to use your online profile to restrict your freedom to buy firearms, obtain visas, travel on commercial airlines, etc. Expect the feds to observe online activity to preempt demonstrations of resistance such as currently in Oregon. Expect the government to "manage" genuine terror attacks.

What not to expect...

Don't expect the government to use online data flow to prevent flash mob attacks or race riots.

Please report typos...

Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and YouTube will attend the meeting with intelligence agencies to discuss terrorists on social media and encryption

The White House will attempt to enlist Silicon Valley’s major technology firms in its efforts to combat terrorism on Friday when a delegation of the most senior intelligence officials fly to California to meet with executives from companies including Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, YouTube and others.

A copy of the agenda obtained by the Guardian indicates the White House seeks more or less to channel Silicon Valley’s talent into its war against Islamic State and other extremist groups.

It states: “In what ways can we use technology to help disrupt paths to radicalization to violence, identify recruitment patterns, and provide metrics to help measure our efforts to counter radicalization to violence?”

Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough, will lead a delegation that will include National Security Agency chair Admiral Mike Rogers and the director of national intelligence – America’s top spy James Clapper. FBI director James Comey also will attend.

According to people familiar with the meeting, it will take place at 11am PST in a government building in San Jose, just south of where many of the firms are headquartered.

Other tech participants include LinkedIn and Dropbox, two of the people said. None of the individuals who briefed the Guardian were authorised to speak about the meeting on the record.

It was not immediately clear which tech executives would be attending the meeting.

The gathering could mark either a new escalation in the standoff between the Obama administration and Silicon Valley or a thaw in tensions, which have been ongoing in the wake of disclosures from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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  1. this means monitor white europeans only, whatever he says reverse it you have the answer.